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Are You Promoting the Correct Product to the Ideal Crowd? Home Business Marketing Tip

Posted on July 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

Given that you will be selling your home business opportunity and your information product, how does your target market perceive the value that these two offer?

Below, I will give you a few resources to aid you reveal the exact problems your target market are facing. This research, if done right, can help you construct your offer to solve those troubles.

Amazon – More Than Just An Online Store

This is an amazing online marketplace, where you can conduct your research.

Find out what types of products are being promoted to your target market. What kinds of books are they buying, and of these, which ones are the best selling ones?

The books section gives you a hint of the books your prospects buys the most, and what people like and dislike about those books.

Take note of the book reviews for specific books. These reviews are valuable. They assist you in developing your offer. Because of these reviews, you know what your target market are not getting from the products that are presently being sold.

Compare the books in comparable categories on Amazon. Find out which books sell well.

Amazon also helps you to expose the different groups of people who may be interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you are involved in the wellness niche, from the books section on Amazon, you can tell that there are books doing well on the following topics:

• Eating healthy
• Dieting
• Overeating
• Exercising
• Maternity Health
• Cooking healthy

This knowledge can go a long way in assisting you unearth other groups of people who may be interested in what you have to offer. From the information above, you can tell that there are different groups of people, with differing priorities, that you can advertise to.

As information products span to cover PowerPoint presentations, video and audio presentations, you should also look at the magazines and DVDs within your niche. Do the same research for the DVDs and magazines, and discover what sells well and what your potential prospects like and dislike about these products.

Forums and Groups

In forums and groups, you get to meet people whose problems you can solve. Find out what your target market are asking within these forums and groups. This helps you in developing your offer based on your prospects’ particular wishes.

Besides performing research, some forums also allow you to advertise within them. This can give you a whole lot of exposure.

Plus, the more you visit these forums and groups and participate, the more your target market gets to know you.


This is a place you can visit, in order to check if your projected topic is of interest to people. If your topic is not covered here, it may not be such a profitable idea. Of course, you will need to perform a lot more research to verify or dispel this.

The lesson to take from this is that research is definitely essential if you wish to sell the right product to the right market.

Are you marketing to anyone and everyone, or are you selling a product to someone who actually wants your product? Are you performing research for your MLM products and/or services and business opportunity BEFORE you market?